Cooper & Cary Have Words

#164 Do Not Be Anxious About Anything?

October 19, 2023 James Cary & Barry Cooper Season 1
Cooper & Cary Have Words
#164 Do Not Be Anxious About Anything?
Show Notes

James and Barry have words about the shift from "being anxious" to "having anxiety". What does anxiety have to do with idols? What are the reasons behind the current "anxiety epidemic"? Is anxiety a condition that ought to be pathologised? Is looking back at historic "trauma" always a helpful way to improve mental health? And how does our new identity in Christ change things?

The Student Health Crisis Is A Myth

Why Do Teenage Girls Feel Unsafe?

Humans Are More Resilient Than You Think (podcast about "trauma")

Common Questions About Mental Illness (podcast with David Murray)

Jon Haidt's Substack, After Babel:

Jon Haidt's article about the decline in mental health since 2013, and how colleges have been performing "*reverse cognitive behavioral therapy":

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