Cooper & Cary Have Words

#165 Power And The Church (With Mark Stirling)

November 02, 2023 James Cary & Barry Cooper Season 1
Cooper & Cary Have Words
#165 Power And The Church (With Mark Stirling)
Show Notes

Cooper and Cary have words about power and its abuse with Mark Stirling, former medical doctor and pastor. He's the author of Not So with You: Power and Leadership for the Church.

Mark's book: Not So With You (Amazon UK)
Not So With You (Amazon US)
The spate of recent scandals of power abuse by leaders within the evangelical world suggests something is wrong in our churches. When a leader misuses power, they have misunderstood and misrepresented God and the gospel. This volume addresses the key underlying issue of what a biblical and healthy use of power in the church actually looks like. Authors from a variety of Christian backgrounds and traditions help frame a biblical and theological understanding and practice of power use, describe what it looks like when things go wrong (and how to recognize the signs), and suggest how the contemporary church can and must do better in this area. This book is a rigorously grounded biblical challenge to much contemporary practice. It is a call to reformation.

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