Cooper & Cary Have Words

#102 This Is How It Starts

February 25, 2021 James Cary & Barry Cooper Season 1
Cooper & Cary Have Words
#102 This Is How It Starts
Show Notes

<P>James and Barry have words about Ravi Zacharias and another devastating sexual scandal. Warning: includes adult themes.</P>
<li>Report of Independent Investigation into the Sexual Misconduct of Ravi Zacharias (Feb 9th, 2021)</li>
<li>Video: Glen Scrivener (Speak Life) - Ravi Zacharias is Amnon</li>
<li>Tanya Marlow, 5 Things Christians Must Stop Saying About Sexual Abusers.</li>
<P>Production and incidental music by Cooper & Cary. Opening theme by Roger Taylor, AKA Beyond Our Galaxy. </P>
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