Cooper & Cary Have Words

#112 Anything But Sanctification

July 15, 2021 James Cary & Barry Cooper Season 1
Cooper & Cary Have Words
#112 Anything But Sanctification
Show Notes

Cooper and Cary have words about how we try to avoid sanctification and do Christian things in order to avoid it or achieve it - and whether Cooper has been wasting his life aiding and abetting evangelism.

The book referred to is:
Dynamics of Spiritual Life: An Evangelical Theology of Renewal by Richard Lovelace

Barry guests on his pastor’s podcast to talk about the chapter of Lovelace’s book called  “The Sanctification Gap“.

We refer to these episodes:
Cooper and Cary Episode 42 We Are the Birds (Join Patreon for access)
Cooper and Cary Episode 63 Unlikely Converts with Randy Newman  (Join Patreon for access)

Production and music by Cooper & Cary. Opening theme by Roger Taylor, AKA Beyond Our Galaxy.

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